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Looking to target traffic to your website? With EarnFreeBitcoins.Cash, you can drive hundreds to thousands of visitors per day to your site. Simply sign up for a free account, submit your URL and choose how many visitors you would like and how much you want to pay per visitor (minimum 0.000001 BCH per visitor).

Once your URL has been approved, you will almost immediately start to receive visitors. You can also choose the max amount of visits per day, how many times a single person can view your site through our system each day (default 1), and how long each visitor is required to stay on your website before they receive a payment. You only pay for visitors who stay for the entire time required (for example, 3 minutes). Additionally, you can pause or continue visits to your URL at any time once activated (useful if for example your site is down for maintenance or upgrades and you don't want to waste your paid visits).

All sites (excluding scams, URL shorteners and other questionable content) are welcome on our service. Due to the fact that we operate using strictly bitcoin cash, you can be sure that all of our users are bitcoin cash users. This is great for if your website is targeted towards the bitcoin cash/cryptocurrency audience. Especially services directed towards new bitcoin cash users.

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Banner Ads

We also are offering opportunities to advertise with us via traditional banner ads around the site. If you are interested in advertising via this method, please contact us to discuss further details, including site traffic and rates for ad-space.