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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I withdraw my bitcoin cash?
    To withdraw your earnings, you must first reach a minimum balance (a.k.a payout threshold). The default minimum balance required to withdraw is 5500 Satoshis (0.000055 BCH). Once you have reached the payout threshold, your payments will automatically be added to the current payout queue. When the payout queue reaches enough payouts, it sends the actual payment to your bitcoin cash address. The payout queue is generally processed every 30 minutes to an hour, sometimes more depending on current traffic levels.

    The reason for requiring a minimum balance is that sending amounts under 5500 Satoshis costs more in network transaction fees than the money is actually worth. Not only does it cost us more in transaction fees, but after receiving such small payments to your address, it actually costs you more in transaction fees as well, effectively making the bitcoin cash you received worthless and/or unspendable. These are also known as "dust" transactions.

  • How can I change my payout threshold?
    On the captcha page in between visiting each sponsored website (or on the address lookup page), you can view details on the address you are currently using to get payments. If you are signed in to your address, you can simply click "change threshold" to change it to a new amount (for example, 0.01 BCH). The default & minimum is 0.000055 (5500 satoshis).

    When you first use your address on the site, you should be prompted to enter in a passphrase for your address. This passphrase simply lets you change a few settings, such as your payout threshold and wether or not you want to do manual payments instead of automatic. After choosing your passphrase, you will be automatically "signed in" to your address. Anytime you come back to the site, simply click "sign in" in your address details and you will be able to modify your payout threshold etc.

  • I forgot/lost my passphrase
    If you don't know what your passphrase for your bitcoin cash address is, please use the form above to contact us, and make sure to include the address you are using. We will reset the passphrase notification, allowing you to choose a new one.